We have developed a program for people who are enthusiastic about sharing their passion about CBD products. Our True Farma Advocate program allows for you create your own Advocate code to share with people who could benefit from CBD. Everyone who uses your unique advocate code to purchase will be tethered to your Advocate ID for as long as they're a customer. A referral structure is built in and at the end of each month, you'll receive a report as well as your referral payout in the form of payment you choose at signup.



become an advocate

Consistent Revenue Stream

Create an easy revenue stream for yourself, just by sharing your story with people you know and giving them your advocate code.

Maintain Your Reputation

Feel comfortable in your recommendation to use True Farma. We carefully screen our manufacturers to ensure that the CBD in their products are derived from full spectrum hemp oil, that the oil is tested free from pesticides and they use quality ingredients.

Compounding Referrals

With our sub-advocate program, customers who have signed up for True Farma and subsequently have become advocates, will be assigned to your ID as well and you'll receive a portion of referrals from their referrals.